The Journal of Mother Studies: a peer-reviewed, international, interdisciplinary open-access, digital humanities hybrid project

Welcome to JourMS (the Journal for Mother Studies).
Mother Studies is a field of interdisciplinary study devoted to the issues, experiences, topics, history, and culture of mothers, mothering, and motherhood.


Anyone may submit a paper but articles must be of a scholarly nature and should be 10-20 pages (maximum 4,000 words) including references. The journal is interdisciplinary, therefore submissions should either be in MLA or APA style and submitted in Word Doc. Submissions accepted by JourMS members or students enrolled in Mother Studies classes within the last 6 months, please.

Submit to the journal, take classes, or get involved with a more extensive network of academics and lay practitioners. Increase your credentials and become instrumental in widening the circle of students and scholars interested in promoting Mother Studies within the academy and beyond.

Join JourMS and the Society for Mother Studies. Online classes in Mother Studies can be found by accessing our learning website (more about Mother Studies);  Make a donation to the Museum of Motherhood. #JoinMama #JourMS

This journal has utilized tools and theory from the digital humanities: employing open-access resources, encouraging collaboration, and offering community building with the broad goal of advancing the field of Mother Studies.


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