JourMS Issue 2_Sept. 2017

The most recent edited version of the journal has been posted. This is a digital humanities project; it should be viewed as a living document – feedback is welcome.

Martha Joy Rose Letter from the Founder and Editor
Catherine Ma The Varying Degrees of Ferocity in Performing Mothering as a Chinese American Mother
Kristina Bartley, Margareta Oudhuis, Viveka Torell Electronic Self-Presentation; Mother in Internet Forums on Children’s Clothes
 Lizbett Benge Momologuing: A Theatrical Exploration of Women’s Relationships to Motherhood
 Courtney Lee Weida & Mathew Farr Finding/Freeing the Father; Exploring Feminist Fatherhood with Mother as Mentor
 Najoua Stambouli From Marginalized to Powerful Mothers: Politics of Acknowledgment of Lesbian Identity
 Shannon Carter, Beatriz Reyes-Foster Peer Breast Milk Sharing as Resistance to Patriarchal Control
Book Review – Coming  Interrogating Motherhood (Athabasca University Press, 2017) by Lynda Ross.
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